My Experience With The Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller: A Review

If you are doing your research into baby prams and strollers, then you are going to come across the name Baby Jogger a few times in your search. Baby Jogger have a number of different prams out there depending on your need, but this review is going to look specifically at the Baby Jogger City Tour because it is a stroller that my wife and I purchased and have used for a good 6 months (at the time of writing this review). And while your intention of purchasing this pram is probably similar to ours (lightweight and travel friendly), be sure to read through this review to see if it is going to meet your needs.

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How It Looks

The Baby Jogger City Tour admittedly doesn’t look too bad for a compact stroller. Yes it is a fairly standard look to most strollers, and being lightweight it also does look a bit lightweight, but the material of the stroller itself makes it feel that bit more sophisticated. We chose to purchase the grey stroller, given its suitability match a variety of colours (baby needs to match the pram you know) but Baby Jogger have released the City Tour in a red, blue and green colour as well.

At first look, the seat does seem to be a bit lifted, not really giving a sunken in, comfy seat feel (more like a ‘on the edge of my seat’ feel). And when our daughter is sitting in this pram, she could easily slide out if she was having a bit of a tantrum and wasn’t buckled in. However, the few times she has slept in the pram, she has looked comfortable when the seat has been reclined back.

The wheels are quite standard, nothing bad but nothing special, and the sun shade looks quite nice when down, giving the stroller a bit more depth and bulk, offsetting the lightweight look of the stroller.

Overall, the Baby Jogger City Tour is pleasing to look at, leaving you feeling like you got what you paid for.

Looks: 4/5 Stars


Lets start with the biggest selling point – its portability. There is no doubt that Baby Jogger had one thing in mind when putting this pram together, and it was for the family that traveled and moved around a lot. And when you consider that as the primary goal, then consider it mission accomplished. The City Tour is extremely lightweight and easy to carry with one hand, or in its carry bag. It fits in perfectly into any car boot (it has been tested to fit in a Subaru Forester 2016, Honda Civic 2019, and a Toyota Yaris 2012) and could probably fit at your feet in the car, and according to the Baby Jogger City Tour website, it can be used as carry on luggage (we haven’t tried to do this yet, but our thoughts are that if you are flying with a budget airline, then they may not be as lenient).

Opening and closing the City Tour is also really easy to do – to open you simply flick open a latch and press a button. To close, you press a button and pull on a handle. (I say really easy because my wife opens it up in about 2 seconds flat, whereas I take a good few minutes because I forget I need to open the latch).

As mentioned earlier, the sun shade gives the stroller a really solid feel, and with that it also provide quite good coverage from the sun for your little one. The only one annoyance with the sun shade is the final ‘drop’ of the sun shade doesn’t stay up on its own, so if baby gets annoyed by their view being blocked, make sure you have same pram clips available to clip the visor back into place.

The seat itself reclines thanks to a simple clip mechanism, which is great if baby decides to have a snooze. Also, the latest version of the City Tour (aptly named the City Tour 2), also has the capability of fitting either a bassinet or a baby capsule onto it, making it suitable from birth upwards rather than 6 months upwards. Quite a good addition really, one that I wish had come out sooner!

Finally, you have a small storage space under the pram – enough space for some water, a snack and maybe a picnic rug. It also contains a zip pocket, which is surprisingly quite space for its perceived size. Useful for keeping valuables in when you’re out traveling or going for a run.

Overall, the Baby Jogger City Tour isn’t feature packed, but its primary selling point as a lightweight, travel friendly stroller is right on the mark and can’t be faulted.

Features: 3.5/5 stars



Everyday Use – Shopping

Heading out to the shops, its great that I have plenty of boot space left in the car. It puts my mind at ease knowing that if I need to use the boot, I can. Set up and pack up of the stroller is a breeze, which means I don’t need to worry about leaving my daughter in the car for too long getting cranky while I set it up.

Cruising the shopping centre (or mall for the Americans out there), its comfortable pushing around. My daughter seems comfortable enough for a 1year old, distracted by the people walking by. But the real problem now comes in terms of the storage. If I want to purchase anything more than a few items of clothing, its not going to fit in the undercarriage. And I could purchase bag hooks for the handlebar, but if my daughter isn’t going to be in the pram, then the City Tour is definitely going to flip given how lightweight it is.

Overall, spending time at the shops only becomes troublesome if you plan on doing a big shop.

Everyday use – Shopping: 3/5 stars



Everyday Use – Going For A Walk

Leaving the house to go for a walk or jog around the neighbourhood, this stroller is easy to use. Once again, set up and pack up is easy, I can keep my phone and keys in the zip pocket and don’t need to stress about losing them (now I only need to worry about how long my daughter is willing to sit still for!). Easy to push whether you’re walking or jogging, just make sure you’re avoiding any bumpy or really cracked pathways – the Baby Jogger City Tour doesn’t seem to do too well with these.

Otherwise, the City Tour is really convenient for cruising around the local area with its ease of setting up and packing up.

Everyday Use – Walking: 4.5/5 stars



Final Thoughts

Are you simply in the market for a stroller that is compact, lightweight and suitable for travel, but won’t break the bank? Then the Baby Jogger City Tour is going to meet those needs. If you were on holiday sightseeing, navigating the airport or checking out the hotel grounds,

 then the City Tour is going to meet your needs. If you plan on doing a lot of shopping, make sure you bring along a second person who can carry all the bags for you!

For back at home, it is a convenient stroller to use when you are in a rush or need to zip up to the local to pick up something really quick. Its comfortable to use, easy to push and good to look at. But if you are going to be doing anything that requires you to have plenty of storage space, then this stroller really isn’t going to meet your needs. Similarly, if you prefer a sturdier pram for everyday use, then I’d check out a different pram.

Although results may vary depending on how you live your life and what situation you are using this stroller in, my overall score for the Baby Jogger City Tour is 3.5/5 stars.

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