My Experience With The BabyBee Rover: A Review

Picking the right pram can be a mind boggling experience, and quite overwhelming initially. I remember going into the baby store for the first time, list in hand of things to look at, and the 3 most important things we had on our list were: Car seat, bassinet and pram. Once we got to the pram section, the first thing we noticed was the sheer amount of prams available, then we noticed the price tags! Then we noticed the additional add-ons for each pram which only increased the price tag! And being new parents we found ourselves confused at what features did we actually need, versus what is just a gimmick. We left the shop deciding that we probably need to research more, as well as figure out pram sizes and what would fit into our car.

Fast forward a lot of researching later, we ended up on the BabyBee website and ordered ourselves the BabyBee Rover. Having used it for a good year now, lets see how it has stood up to the test of time (and baby).

How It Looks

First impressions, this pram looks really nice. Whether you use the bassinet attachment or the main seat, the pram itself has a sturdy look to it, with the materials feeling of a premium quality. I quite like the brown leatherrette handlebar as it gives it an extra level of comfort when you push the pram around for long periods. We bought ours in the grey colour, but it is also available in black and beige.

The seat and bassinet of the pram sit up quite high from the ground, making it easier to get baby in and out of the pram (and easier on your back). The sunshade on both the bassinet and seat extensions have a nice curve that gives the pram a real ‘full’ look when fully extended, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

Although you won’t spend a lot of time looking at the wheels, if you do decide to take a glance, like the rest of the pram they look and feel like they have been made out of quality material, and are quite sturdy within it’s design.

Overall, The BabyBee Rover has a quality look and feel to it, that put’s it on par with many of it’s competetitors, but at a cost that is on the lower end of the competetion.

Looks: 4.5/5 stars



Starting from the frame, the BabyBee Rover has an extendable handle bar, catering for all heights. As mentioned before, the leatherette handlebar makes pushing the Rover more comfortable on your hands. Heading down the frame, there is quite a spacious undercarriage to store baby goods, but admittedly the space becomes quite limited once you start using the seat

attachment as the foot rest gets in the way. Going to the wheels, the front wheels can be locked into place, making it sturdier if you are going for jogs, or left to turn and move around for everyday use. The lock mechanism of the Rover is a simple foot pedal, but admittedly the locking mechanism does get stuck at times if the metal lock bar isn’t properly aligned with the locking recess.

The BabyBee Rover has 3 options for seats: attachments for a baby capsule, a bassinet and the main seat. The standard price comes with the main seat, and you can choose to purchase the bassinet or the baby capsule attachments seperately. We didn’t use a capsule, so this review will focus on the bassinet and main seat.

The Bassinet is quite solid in it’s design, with a strong frame which adds a bit of weight to it. Once baby is inside, it can become a bit heavy if you plan on taking the bassinet off the frame, which would be rare. The mattress inside is firm but comfortable, and our daughter used to sleep quite soundly in the bassinet (as long as we blocked out the light). When attached to the frame, the bassinet is also level so you don’t need to worry about baby potentially rolling around. The bassinet is aimed for babies 0-6 months old, however in our case we stopped using it at the 3-4 month mark when our daughter started to sit up.

The main seat is much lighter than the bassinet but still quite solid. It can recline twice, giving it a total of 3 different positions, which is useful if your baby decides to have a nap while you’re out. You can also swap the seat to face yourself, or to face

outwards, depending on baby’s preference for the day. The sun shade extends out to a decent length, and is able to keep baby well sheltered from the sun. The buckle system seams to be standard to most prams I have come across, and the insert is removable making it easy to clean up.

Additional features to take into consideration, the pram comes with a free rain cover, which is quite handy if you want to walk in the rain. I’ve used it twice and it appears to be ventilated well to allow enough airflow through, however some additional ventilation probably wouldn’t hurt. We also purchased the handlebar bag, which we find quite useful to keep baby’s drink, burp cloth, snacks and our own water bottle.

Overall, the BabyBee Rover has some really good features, and those that require purchasing are generally worth the price. You won’t require the bassinet if you get a baby capsule and purchase the capsule attachments, but if you do buy it then you will get a really classic yet modern looking pram that should keep baby comfy for quite some time.

Features: 4.5/5 stars


Everyday Use – Shopping

This pram is great if you are doing a light grocery shop (1-2 full bags), or heading to the shopping centre or mall for a bit of a browse and purchase here or there. If you use a backpack baby bag, the undercarriage has plenty of storage available to carry most shopping that you would do, plus the pram is heavy enough that it is unlikely to flip if you store bags on the handlebar. With the versatility of seat positions, baby can sleep in the pram for a bit while you keep shopping, or if baby is sick at looking at the world around them, just swap the main seat around so baby can see you instead!

With the pram being comfortable to push and maneouver, it is well suited to longer shopping trips, and its size and sturdiness mean that people are more likely to see it and move out of the way too! There is also plenty of space for toys to hang off the pram to keep baby entertained enough.

The biggest downside is if you plan on doing a big shopping trip, you might not have much room left in the car itself to put all the items! If you do have a smaller car, expect to use the spare seats to store your shopping.

Overall, other than the inconvenience of how much space it takes up, the BabyBee Rover is a really comfortable pram to use when out shopping.

Shopping: 4/5 stars


Everyday Use – Going For A Walk

Going for a walk around the local area is nice when you use the BabyBee Rover, because of how comfortable it is to push around. Being sturdy, it also stands up to the slight bumps that you are likely to encounter around the neighbourhood and you will feel confident pushing it around if you decide to jog or even do a run with the BabyBee Rover (plus the wheel locks for the front wheels makes it easier to run or jog with the Rover).

The extra space, if you plan on going for a local picnic, is nice to have to pack extra food, drinks and a picnic rug, plus any toys if baby needs something to play with. And the ease of putting the pram together makes it easy to set up when you need to head out, and easy to pack up once you’ve finished.

Overall, if you are heading out for a walk around the block, to a local park or even further out, this pram will serve you well. The most annoying thing is the brake system that doesn’t always lock on the first go, but that won’t be much of an issue while you’re on the move.

Going for a walk: 4/5 stars


Final Thoughts

The pram is one of the biggest investments you will make into items for baby, so you want to make the right choice. As tempting as it can be to go for looks, it’s important to consider practicality. What life do you live? Do you regularly head out of

the house? How much car space do you have? These questions will influence whether you find the right pram or not.

As for the BabyBee Rover, it is a pram that is worth it’s price. It is a versatile pram, that looks stylish and is comfortable to use. Our daughter always seems to be comfortable in this pram (when she is happy to sit), and it is the one we often take with us, even when we are going shopping and boot space is a premium. The main frustrations we have with this pram are it’s storage space needs, and its brake system that doesn’t always lock first go. If these are issues for you, then you may want to look elsewhere. However, for its features, its price and its usability, I’m able to turn a blind eye to these two issues and keep this pram as my daily.

Overall: 4.5/5 stars

Interested in purchasing the BabyBee pram? Check out their website directly at BabyBee Prams!

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